Jill Watson


Meet Jill Watson

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.” (Robert Frost). Luckily, Jill Watson mastered her voice early in life, with a unique mixture of

pleasant personality and straight shooting advice. Jill grew up in a huge family in Delaware. Her Mom was one of eight siblings, and her Dad was one of 23! Every Friday was movie night, and every weekend they hit the beach together.

The house was full of laughter, loud noise, love and lots of animals.

After college graduation, Jill’s early career began in an unlikely place, the Department of Corrections. Over the years she served roles in human resources and as a counselor for male prisoners. This was where she exercised her voice to offer strong, solid advice, even if it was painful to hear. You could say she became known for delivering the facts without the fluff. After several years in this industry, however, she grew weary of stringent schedules and boxed in offices. And in 2014, she decided it was time for a change.

She recalled childhood memories of riding through neighborhoods with wide-eyed wonder, wishing she could see inside each home. She would sit in front of the TV for hours each Sunday morning, watching a show where real estate agents showcased their listings. Even then, she loved the architecture and character of the homes, and knew each had their own unique story. She felt it was time to combine that passion with her straight shooting skills as an agent, and that’s exactly how she became known as The Straight Shooter.

Today, Jill shoots straight to give her clients the facts without the fluff, so she can protect them from any pitfalls and provide them with solutions. She’s recognized for her no-nonsense approach and keeping her clients calm, cool and confident. She’s honored to help military families and those who are seeking and selling a home simultaneously. She uses her superior skill and insight regarding financing, contracts and negotiations. She’s known not only for shooting straight, but being prepared with a pleasant personality and positive approach.

When Jill isn’t taking the reins to provide stress free transactions, she loves reading, crafting, and anything outside in nature. Just like her all-American family, Jill loves a good baseball game, hotdog and beer. Her favorite pastimes, however, are volunteering at community outreach events for local animal shelters and spending time with her daughter, Gianna. Her legacy in life is to be a person her daughter can be proud of both professionally and personally, and impart the wisdom for her to speak with her own voice of certainty and compassion.